Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) having/had Impact on the Strategic Road Network
Time (UTC/GMT)End Time (UTC/GMT)SeverityDescriptionLocation
15/11/2019 13:40:21; 15/11/2019 15:52:21 High A1 at Causey Park in Northumberland involving 2 vehicles. Police and ambulance in attendance. Road is currently blocked. Temporary diversion via A697 to assist emergency response. A1 Causey Park
15/11/2019 08:32:49; 15/11/2019 09:41:30 Medium TYPE : GDP Location : The A1M southbound between junctions J65 and J64 Lane Closures : Lane three is closed Reason : Road traffic collision Status : Currently Active Lanes Closed : There is one of three lanes closed
15/11/2019 08:15:56; 15/11/2019 10:34:56 Medium A1(M) traffic slowing southbound at the Washington Services due to a vehicle leaving the carriageway, however traffic has slowed passing due to rubber necking A1(M) Southbound Washington Services
11/07/2019 08:41:02; 11/07/2019 10:41:02 Medium COLLISION: A19 Northbound, delays to traffic and one lane partially blocked prior to the A690 Doxford Park junction due to a 2 vehicle collision, with Ambulance and Police in attendance. A19 Northbound